January 12, 2017

Just about a year ago that I last posted to this blog. Every so often I realize how thankful I am for this group and feel the urge to do a little scrivening. Some nights around the fire, it's nice to just sit back, close your eyes and drift along the current of shifting light and dark the fire imprints on your eyelids while the crystal-cold air and heat embrace and hold you in perfect serenity. It's these moments that transcend common time and transport us into some long hidden mythic time. Sometimes what's best given and received around the fire are the far deeper things we hear and the companionship we share in perfect silence.

There's some magic in the flames and the quick-caught-and-lost tang of an unidentifiable something in the skirling woodsmoke that triggers far distant and even more evanescent memories. It's good to be here, just the mere fact of our assembling each week through the long and rolling year. Maybe you feel the same.

The moon, playing hide and seek behind a scrim of broken stratus cloud, lent its ghostly light to our small band from time to time. What must it see as it spreads its benison over us, a benison a thousand thousand times eulogized by the poets and rhapsodes of old? A small knot of men, knuckled in close to the fire week after week reaching for something transcendent, something beyond, that we occasionally glimpse as through a glass darkly.

It's always good to raise a glass of something cool with the smoky taste of earth and toast the fellowship we enjoy around the flames, a fellowship that's been unbroken for the last twelve years.

Here's to the next twelve. Looking forward to sharing it with you.