Speaking Topic: C.S. Lewis's Historical Imagination

The historical imagination enables us to reawaken to or recover the essence of the art or literature of a particular historical period by imaginatively inserting ourselves into the experience of the time and inhabiting it as a native would, as if its worldviews and assumptions were true. But problems arise as we begin to think about enacting this recovery. Our access to the past is restricted. Between the present and any near or far distant historical time stretches an unassailable chasm of worldviews, thought-patterns, philosophical, scientific and religious beliefs, socio-behavioral structures and more to which we no longer give credence. Our contemporary knowledge base renders much of the past understandings of the world obsolete de facto. How do we truly inhabit the past without understanding all that separates us from it? This talk examines Lewis's answer to these questions. Interested? Click below to check my availability. 

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